What is a Group?

Each group is made up of 12-18 people who meet weekly and are led by a trained host(s).

What will we study and talk about?

Typically, the group study material is based on the most recent sermon, and every group uses the same outline. This session of groups, we will be focusing on a variety of specific books or topics. These groups will help us dig a little deeper and make sure that what we are learning is applying to our everyday lives. It’s important to remember that we will take time each week to let God speak to us through his word, but a group’s primary goal will be to connect people to each other in fellowship.

How long does a group last? 

Typically, our Project Groups last 10 weeks. After a short break, we start another 10-week session. At the beginning of each session, you can have the choice of staying in the same group or trying a new group.

When and where do they meet?

All throughout the week in homes, restaurants, coffee shops all over our region.

Which group should I join?

Whatever works best for you. Usually the best choice is simply which one has the best time and location for you.

What is the required commitment?

There is no official commitment, but typically joining a Project Group could be an 10-week commitment to attend the weekly meetings and to come prepared. We have found that making a commitment is the key to growing strong relationships.

What about Childcare?

Each Project Group will deal with children differently. It is important to check whether or not a prospective group will welcome kids at their meetings.

How do I sign up?

Click on the sign up button to get plugged into a Project Community!

Interested in being a group leader or host?

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