The Call

September 2011

Caleb & Chrissy were serving at a church in Massachusetts when they both felt God speaking to them to leave the East Coast and move back to California to plant a church. They joined Caleb’s grandfather Glen Cole at Trinity Life Center to help plant a church in a church, to help an aging congregation grow younger. This felt right and yet something in their hearts told them this was only for a short season.

Church In A Church

February 2012

Glen D. Cole, Caleb’s grandfather as well as his boss, mentor, & friend passed away suddenly. This sad moment became a launching event in the life of Caleb & Chrissy. They knew that the time was right and that God had spoken. They were being called to plant a brand new kind of church geared towards the unchurched and dechurched in the heart of the capital city of California. They identified the downtown area near K Street as the ideal area to plant a church, just a block away from the capital building. They wholeheartedly believe that Sacramento doesn’t simply need another church, but rather, it is in desperate need of a move of God.

Project Birthed

June 2012

Caleb & Chrissy began the scary journey of planting Project Church. Within a few short weeks several people had already joined the launch team of this soon-to-be church. The team began with around 20 people dedicated to seeing a church birthed in the heart of the city. The launch team then grew upwards of 40 to 50 people.


January 2013

Project Church opened in an old bank building on 10th Street with an average attendance of 230 people. The church experienced Jesus’ life-transforming power.

Assembly Music Hall

January 2014

Project Church moved to the concert venue Assembly Music Hall located on K Street to accommodate a growing congregation. Currently averaging over 300 people, the church continues to see lives being changed by the power of Jesus.

Loren & Veronica

Spring 2015

In the first few services back in 2013, it was announced that Project Church would soon launch a campus in West Sacramento. After two years of praying and searching for the right pastors to lead that campus, Loren & Veronica Zamora were brought on to the team to help make a vision become a reality.


Summer 2015

From the Fall of 2014 into the summer months, Project Church experienced over 100% growth in their congregation. The need to make room for people in the downtown campus has become a great need.

West Sac

September 2015

Project Church West Sacramento opened its doors to a community eager to have a spirit-filled church.

Crest Theater

October 2015

The Downtown campus moves across the street to Sacramento’s historic Crest Theatre and becomes the new home to a growing body.

The Future

Looking ahead

From the beginning, Caleb & Chrissy knew that the Lord was leading them to be a church that plants churches, believing that the local church body is an effective place for making disciples and loving people well. Project Church is praying over another church plant in 2016. The Reach Project will be the catalyst for a God-given dream and vision. While Project Church has experienced very exciting, Jesus-glorifying days, they continue to believe the best days are ahead for His church!